MASQ Performs at Brown University

As part of their 2013 Season, the Marian Anderson String Quartet will be performing:

October 17, 2013
Brown University, Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice
Emancipation Proclamation Celebration – Providence, RI

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One Response to MASQ Performs at Brown University

  1. Nafrat says:

    Your Turner Sims concert was a reoaietlvn. Now 84, I have been listening intently to Beethoven’s quartets for nearly 70 years, and have attended two previous complete cycles. I particularly enjoyed the Op 131 and was reminded of Wagner’s description of B’s music (or was it the 7th. Symphony?) as the apotheosis of the dance . At first I thought too romantic , but you convinced me that that this was how Beethoven heard it and it was right & very moving. I was a bit concerned that the excessive, sometimes inaudible, pianissimi were not true to character and in danger of becoming an irritating mannerism. Otherwise a great evening!

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