2014 MASQ-Summer CMI Teaching Fellowship Openings

2014 MASQ-CMI Teaching Fellowship

2014 MASQ-CMI Teaching Fellowship

Interested in working with and learning from the Marian Anderson String Quartet? We are now accepting applications for Teaching Fellows at our 2014 MASQ-Summer CMI. Each Teaching Fellow will receive housing and a generous stipend. More information and applications are available online at: http://www.marianandersonstringquartet.com/masq-cmi/summer-chamber-music-institute/

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One Response to 2014 MASQ-Summer CMI Teaching Fellowship Openings

  1. Ronald Charles says:

    I am Haitian-Canadian, violinist, and an Assistant Professor in Religious Studies. I have just started a String Quartet in the small community where I live in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and I would like to play some string quartets by African composers. I am wondering if you could share a few with me please.

    Thank you very much.

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